How to Configure Iphone for use with Exchange Server.

Configure microsoft exchange client in your iphone or ipad.

Now a days iphone and ipad is very common for email collection. From this article you can study how to configure exchange client in IPHONE. Please follow the below steps to configure email in iphone.

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Pre-Procedure to configure exchange client in IPHONE

  • First you have to make sure ActiveSync to work correctly. For this you must be use Exchange 2003 SP2 or higher version.
  • Must be installed a commercial SSL Certificate. It will work without commercial SSL Certificate but it will create lot of problems. Please visit for cheap SSL Certificates which will work with Exchange server.
  • If you are using Exchange server 2003 then a SAN/UCC certificate is not required.
  • You need to make sure port 443 forwarded from your router/firewall to the internal IP address of your Exchange.

Note: If you are configured ActiveSync without SSL sertificate than port forward for port 80 is not required in router/firewall but all of your data communication will be in clear text. It will make security issues.

configure exchange client in IPHONE

  • Go to settings from iphone and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. Please refer image below.
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  • From the newly opened screen, select the Add Account option.
iphone accounts theonlinetutorials
  • The add account option will open below screen. It will give you option for select various type of email client. Select  Microsoft Exchange.
iphone accountselection theonlinetutorials
  • From  Microsoft Exchange options you have to enter some account information’s.
exchange information theonlinetutorials
  • From above screen, you need to enter your email address, username and password. You can enter the email address as the username thus negating the need for the domain name.
  • If this methode is not working, you can enter NETBIOS domain name associated with this Exchange Server. You can discover this by right clicking on the user using Active Directory Users and Computers and select properties.  From the account tab you can see the NETBIOS domain name. Once you enter the domain name, then the username should also be the one that appears on the accounts tab
  • After entered all the details press on next button then iphone will try auto discover  Exchange Server details. If this process is fail then you can see the display below. You need to try again because this is normal only.
exchange server information theonlinetutorials
  •  The above screen is similar to the previous screen so it will be little confusing. Here you need to enter server information which is similar to OWA (Outlook web access). If you are using for OWA then here you need to enter in server information and press on next button.
  •  If you are using self-signed certificate then you will be displayed with a certificate dialog box. you need to select “Accept”.
  • Yes, you finished. After successful configuration, you can see the below screen.
iphone sync options theonlinetutorials
Please follow all the above configuration carefully to configure microsoft exchange email client in your iphone or ipad.


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