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How to Enable Universal Group Membership Caching Feature in a Active Directory Site

Enable Universal Group Membership Caching Feature in a Active Directory Site. From this article, you can study how to enable universal group membership caching feature in active directory site. Please follow the below steps to do it. Click on start>Administrative tools>active directory sites and services. From active directory sites and services window, expand Sites, and then click the site in which you ... Read More »

How to Configure a New Global Catalog Server.

Configure a New Global Catalog Server Whenever configure a domain controller in the domain tree or forest, by default the first domain controller will be Global Catalog server. But we can mention any domain controller as the global catalog server manually. For do this please follow the below steps.  Active Directory Sites and Services. For this Go to Start> Programs > Administrative Tools > Active Directory ... Read More »

How to Perform Force Replication Between Domain Controllers.

How to forcefully replicate between domain controllers From this article, you can study “how to perform forceful replication between domain controllers” . If you are a windows server admin, In some time it is required to replicate forcefully. Please follow the below steps to perform fource replication between domain controllers. Please follow the below steps to perform force replication. Go to active directory sites and services From the console tree, expand ... Read More »

How to Defragment Active Directory Database.

Defragment Active Directory Database The active directory database also become fragmented if it is working long time. In windows server 2008, we can easily defragment the directory database file NTDS.DIT,  the database itself has a tendency to increase in size over time so we have to regularly need to  defragment the database file for keep directory database healthy. From this article you can study how to defragment ... Read More »

How to Migrate Active Directory,DNS and DHCP to a New Server.

How to migrate active directory,DNS and DHCP to a new server From this article, you can study How to migrate active directory,DNS and DHCP to a new server. Migrating active directory and other services from old server to new server is a complicated process. From windows server we can use dcpromo to facilitate the migration process. We can use dcpromo to create ... Read More »

How to Export Active Directory User Information to the CSV File.

How to export active directory user information to the CSV File. In Microsoft windows server, we can easily export active directory information’s to CSV (Coma Separated Value) file. We can use this information to resolve user account and permission issues. For do this please follow the below steps. Log on to server by using admin privileged user account. Click on start and go to Run and type “cmd” ... Read More »

Windows Server 2008 Interview Questions (50 Questions and Answers).

What are some of the new tools and features provided by Windows Server 2008? Windows Server 2008 now provides a desktop environment similar to Microsoft Windows Vista and includes tools also found in Vista, such as the new backup snap-in and the BitLocker drive encryption feature. Windows Server 2008 also provides the new IIS7 web server and the Windows Deployment ... Read More »

How to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) in Windows Server 2008/2003

Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration places your server and Microsoft Internet Explorer in a configuration that decreases the exposure of your server to potential attacks that can occur through Web content and application scripts. As a result, some Web sites may not display or perform as expected.In my personal openion opera webbrowser is more safer than IE/firefox. If you only ... Read More »

Parameter is incorrect error joining Windows 7 Beta or Windows 2008 to domain

When you try to add a Windows Server 2008 machine or a Windows 7 PC to a Windows Domain with the domain you may have the error The attempt to join this computer to the <domain_name>.com domain failed. The parameter is incorrect. When you check the %systemroot\debug\Netsetup.log file you may find the error code 0×57 which translates to ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. This ... Read More »

How to clear ARP Cache in windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server 2003/2008

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is very crucial for TCP/IP network communication. If you begin to notice network connectivity problems such as particular web pages not loading or not being able to ping certain IP addresses then clearing your ARP cache is a good place to start.The TCP/IP ARP Command component provides the functionality to add, delete, or display the ... Read More »

How to manually set the MTU size in Windows XP ,2003 ,2000 ,Vista

Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) in simple words is the maximum IP packet size in bytes, that can be transmitted over the underlying network. While most of time this never has to be changed from the default values there are instances when you need to alter the MTU sizes to fix certain network performance issues. A best and classic example would ... Read More »

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